Hey, I'm Tamara

This is the page where I am supposed to write about who I am and what I stand for and then give some impressive list of all of my accomplishments. Who am I? What am I about? What do I stand for? These are pretty loaded questions and I am not sure how one is supposed to describe that in a few short sentences. At least not with my lacking poetic skills.


I am an acupuncturist, but that’s just what I do.

I am the mother of a bulldog, but that’s just who I love.

I am a world traveller, but that’s just where I have gone.

It feels to me as if anything I might say to describe myself would have some sort of permanence on who I think I am, but I know for sure that I am a woman who is constantly changing.

My list of accomplishments doesn't really matter because the things that I am the most proud of are the disasters and heartbreaks that I have lived through, the mistakes that I have made and the lessons I have learned from them. What I am most proud of is that no matter what circumstance has had me on the floor, spitting blood and heartbroken, I will pick myself up and dust myself off. Every. Single. Time. I can tell you that I am not afraid to try something new and I am not afraid to fuck it all up because it has been the fucks ups that have taught me more than any win. 

I am a woman who is full of contradictions. I am a hopeless romantic and yet I can be quite cynical. I cook like a vegetarian but you better believe I will order a burger if I am craving one. I love to travel but will happily isolate on my couch for longer than is socially acceptable. I am yin. I am yang.

Maya Angelou says “when you get, give, when you learn, teach.”

I know for sure that my greatest lessons are from my hardest falls and so I will write my stories in case someone, somewhere, someday might also find a lesson here.